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PS. ---> Be sure to contact the Architectural Committee anytime you have exterior improvements, repairs or alterations including tree removal. The Covenants require prior Approval before changing a roof, building a walkway, or making other exterior revisions that are required to conform to the neighborhood. Consult the Covenants (Article VI) for more detailed information - or --> give them a call(number below).

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Annual Fees

Association fees are assessed March 1st each year. Details are available here.

2021 Owners Meeting

March 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm. >>> Watch for your vittual Zoom invitation & instructions.

Spring Renovations

The Architectural Committee is here to help you avoid covenant violations.


Cordova Club offers a peaceful community filled with lakes and wildlife with easy access to city life.

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Cordova Club Owners' Association
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Quick Contact Information

Cordova Club Owners' Association

P.O. Box 1381
Cordova, TN 38088-1381
Telephone: (901) 238-1511
Fax: (888) 578-9731

Architectural Committee - CCOA

Approval Required for:

Exterior Improvements, Repairs, Alterations,
Landscaping Revisions, Tree Removal, etc.

Lee Crouch, Chairman
Telephone: (901) 870-6026
E-mail: LeeCrouch@cordovaclub.net
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Bookkeeper - CCOA

Lisa Zyriek, Bookkeeper
E-mail: LisaZyriek@cordovaclub.net

Compliance Committee - CCOA

Steven Easterwood, Chairman
Telephone: (901) 486-2847
E-mail: cccompliance@cordovaclub.net
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Shelby County Sheriff's Department

Telephone: (901) 379-7625

Memphis Police Department

Telephone: (901) 545-2677 - Option 3


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... The information contained herein is provided for "informational purposes" to residents, realtors, and new buyers. ...

... Covenants, Resolutions and Bylaws are available to download and print from the Top Menu....