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Neighborhood Watch!

The Cordova Club Owners' Association maintains a Neighborhood Watch for the residents of Cordova Club. Each Owner is asked to participate in this neighborhood effort and to monitor and report suspicious or threatening activity. Though our combined efforts, we keep our neighborhoods safe and our community continues to be recognized as a very desirable place to live.

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Neighborhood Watch


Sharing Information is Important for The Neighborhood

The most important concept behind Neighborhood Watch is the sharing of information. The Police and Sheriff departments are blind without information from the residents. Report anything suspicious to the police or sheriff's departments. Sometimes the smallest things yield the biggest results.



The Neighborhood Watch Coordinator is Steven Easterwood

EMERGENCY - always Call ----> 911

Please be advised that someone prowling a house or car, even if it is not your own, is an emergency!


Memphis Homes ----> Memphis Police ---> (901) 545-2677 (COPS)

County Homes ----> Shelby County Sheriff's Department - (901) 379-7625

Helpful Websites:

Crime Prevention Tips:

  1. Get an alarm system that uses the latest technology when power is cut off to the home.
  2. Lock all Doors and Windows.
  3. Don't leave any valuables in vehicles that are not parked in garage.
  4. If you go out of town then have a neighbor, friend or family check on your residence.
  5. Gather your trash can from the street.
  6. Don't leave mail or newspapers out for others to know that you are not home.
  7. Leave interior lights on.

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