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Cordova Club Owners' Association, Inc.

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Welcome to Cordova Club


If you are currently a homeowner in Cordova Club, this website provides you information and updates on Cordova Club issues and activities. The Top and Side Menus provide direct links to important information about your community and Association.

"Governance Information"

The Covenants, Addendum and Resolutions are available to residents and visitors and are easily located through the "Codes | Covenants" section of the Menu.

"Residents Only" Information

Non-public information is found in the Residents section of the Menu and requires registering for access and login. By gaining access to the Residents only information, you can view:

  • Financial Reports for the Association
  • Board Minutes
  • Board Communication to Residents
  • Calling Post messages

We encourage you to register for access to the Residents area. We will continue to grow CCOA communication to our owners through this private area of the website.

"Former Golf Course"

The following should address any misconceptions and rumors concerning the former golf course (previously known as Cordova Country Club Golf Course).

The golf course was officially closed by the property owners April 2015. The property is privately owned by BAPTIST MISSIONS and is NOT a part of, nor governed in any way by Cordova Club Owners Association. There are two signs posted on the property that specify "No Trespassing" and give a contact number for the property manager. Any concerns or questions should be addressed there.

"Former Club House"

The building previously referred to as the Golf Course Club House is also private property and is now owned by Memphis Church. All inquiries and questions related to the building and the surrounding property should be directed to the church leadership.

Prospective Owners

If you are considering making Cordova Club your home, we encourage you to browse the website to learn about our by-laws, covenants and to see the volunteers who serve on our Board and Committees and even e-mail individuals for more information. You have total access to the rules and standards that govern our community. You can find these through the Menu Bars located at the top and side of the website under Governance.


Welcome! The "Realtor's" section (TOP MENU) of our website has very important information for you and process information to help you prepare your prospective buyer's to acquire a home in Cordova Club with minimal delays.

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Welcome to Cordova Club Owners' Website

... The information contained herein is provided for "informational purposes" to residents, realtors, and new buyers. ...

... Covenants, Resolutions and Bylaws are available to download and print from the Top Menu....