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Architectural Approval

The Architectural Committee is responsible for monitoring and approving all exterior revisions to Cordova Club Lots so as to ensure community standards are maintained to the benefit of the majority.

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Request for Architectural Approval


Exterior Project

All exterior improvements, repairs or additions require Architectural Committee Approval (Covenants - Article VI). Exterior improvements requiring approval, include construction, alterations, repairs, roofs, painting, landscaping revisions, cutting of trees (6" or larger), outdoor lighting, decks, fences, walls, driveways, mailboxes and all similar (Reference Article VI).

Prior to beginning work on an exterior project, Owners are required to:

  • "SUBMIT WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION" which details the nature and specifications for the proposed work.
  • Receive Architectural Committee Approval for the project.

Exterior Projects which are not certified by the Architectural Committee are in violation of the Covenants and subject to fines, penalties and related consequences.


COMPLETING THE WEB FORM (below) will EXPEDITE YOUR REQUEST. You can attach any additional documentation in the space provided on the form. --- or --- Mail your request the Association - Attention "Architectural Committee".



  • Tell us about your Project. Please provide specific details typically provided by a Contractor (Materials -- [brand / grade / color / etc.]); location; dimensions; who is doing the work, other descriptive detail).

  • Attach a photo or document (optional)


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