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Keeping our Common Areas in good shape impacts our visitors and potential new residents. Landscaping works hard to make sure grass is trimmed and fertilized, weeds are removed, trees pruned, and entrances are updated with appropriate seasonal flowers and mulch. Cordova Club sprinkler systems provide the water required to maintain common areas in prime condition. We apprec1ate feedback from Owners to help us address areas that may require additional attention.

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Neighborhood pride is obvious as Owners cut, trim and edge.

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Cordova Club offers a peaceful community filled with lakes and wildlife with easy access to city life.

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Well Maintained Neighborhoods Thrive!

A priority goal for Cordova Club is to attract top-tier new residents and to keep existing owners happy with their neighborhoods. We allocate money from our membership dues to maintain landscaping in top condition in all common-areas of Cordova Club. We appreciate your help in recognizing landscaping efforts that excel and documenting information for us on areas that may need additional attention.

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