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As a new Cordova Club homeowner, you are a member of the Cordova Club Owners' Association. Cordova Club is a neighborhood protected by defined living standards, "The Covenants". The Association's Board and Standing Committees are comprised of Owners who donate their time to maintain quality community life in our neighborhoods. This is an informational website. You can access a copy of the Covenants, Association Bylaws, contact Board Members, and access other important Owner information here. Please get to know your Association and contact anyone on the Board if you have questions. --- and --- WELCOME TO CORDOVA CLUB!

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Annual Fees

Association fees are assessed March 1st each year. Details are available here.

2021 Owners Meeting

March 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm. >>> Watch for your vittual Zoom invitation & instructions.

Spring Renovations

The Architectural Committee is here to help you avoid covenant violations.


Cordova Club offers a peaceful community filled with lakes and wildlife with easy access to city life.

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Cordova Club Owners' Association
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The Cordova Club is a PUD (planned unit development) that currently consists of approximately 600 single-family homes in the greater Memphis area. It was developed in 1992 around an eighteen hole golf course. You will notice that many of the streets bear the names of golfing terms such as Fairway Forest, Wintergreen, Par View etc. The golf course closed the Spring of 2015, but the property continues to be mowed and maintained as a natural area by the Golf Course Owners. Residents of Cordova Club enjoy beautiful lakes, trees, wildlife and birds. There is a joint effort between the Association and the Golf Course Owners to ensure that this development remains a top-notch place to live.


The homeowners are members of the Cordova Club Owners' Association. The Association has a very active 25 member Board of Directors who meet during the year as needed.

In the first quarter of each year, an Owners' Annual Meeting is held. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. At this meeting new board members are elected to replace those whose terms have expired. Homeowners are required to pay annual Association fees which are utilized for the upkeep of the common areas and long-term improvements such as street repaving. In addition, some sections of the PUD (such as Mirror Lakes) have dues which are used for the maintenance of the lakes.

"Former Golf Course"

The following should address any misconceptions and rumors concerning the former golf course (previously known as Cordova Country Club Golf Course).

The golf course was officially closed by the property owners April 2015. The property is privately owned by BAPTIST MISSIONS and is NOT a part of, nor governed in any way by Cordova Club Owners Association. There are two signs posted on the property that specify "No Trespassing" and give a contact number for the property manager. Any concerns or questions should be addressed there.

"Former Club House"

The building previously referred to as the Golf Course Club House is also private property and is now owned by Memphis Church. All inquiries and questions related to the building and the surrounding property should be directed to the church leadership.


As you drive through the development, you will notice very quiet neighborhoods with well kept yards and gardens. The philosophy of the members of the Cordova Club is that all homes will be maintained and the yard and driveway areas kept free of clutter and garbage. Cars are parked in their respective garages and garbage cans are stored out of sight when not in use.

In order to maintain this environment, the Cordova Club Homeowners' Association is governed by a set of Codes, Covenants & Restrictions. Compliance officers have been charged with the strict enforcement of these covenants. 

In your consideration of the potential purchase of a home within Cordova Club, please download and review our covenants carefully. A pdf version is available for download through the Top or Side Menu under Governance.

If you have any questions, the website Menu also provides links to sections which contain the names and phone numbers of the members of the Board of Directors. You are welcome to contact any of the members.


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Welcome to Cordova Club Owners' Website

... The information contained herein is provided for "informational purposes" to residents, realtors, and new buyers. ...

... Covenants, Resolutions and Bylaws are available to download and print from the Top Menu....